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October 2007, RobertGrayDirect announces a partnership with Management Insight Technologies to launch the first Network Storage ACPP a powerful new NAS & SAN market metrics and market tracking study.  Network Storage ACPP provides the analytics for suppliers who want to out-think, out-plan, and out-execute competitors.  Click on ACPP Study page for additional details.

RobertGrayDirect is a market research and consulting practice providing services to Storage Industry suppliers, end-users and venture capitalists interested in developing solutions for emerging market demands. We take a broad ecosystem view of storage and related industry products and technologies.  RobertGrayDirect brings a creative, integrative approach to developing and interpreting market research for effective market solutions.

  • Commitment - committed to insightful, quality market research and analysis that challenges background assumptions that may not be solid or that may require re-tooling for future success.
  • Experience & Skills - leverages cumulative knowledge, honed interviewing skills, trained listening and understanding of the human/technology intersection to develop sophisticated thought-leadership for its clients.

RobertGrayDirect is organized for flexible, responsive delivery of research and consulting projects. We control process and costs with minimal administrative overhead. Our goal is to meet client needs, with quick answers, sharp distinctions and lower costs.

Robert C. Gray


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